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**Micro Grants upto £500 can now be applied for. Application forms can be found in the right hand menu under 'Community Council', then 'Micro Grants'**

Website information

This web site is owned by Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council.

It is a multisite network, new sites can be added to the network quickly an easily for local groups, clubs or interest groups.

Please contact your local councillor to request a free site on the network. Sites can be short term or permanent but must adhere to the CC conditions.

Site administration

At the moment this site is run on a  voluntary basis, the best way to keep it like this is help share the workload. If you would like to help with the calendar, newsletter, adding council business, looking after the news section or updating the site please contact Sharon at

Add to our site

If you wish to add something to this site contact Sharon at



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