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**Micro Grants upto £500 can now be applied for. Application forms can be found in the right hand menu under 'Community Council', then 'Micro Grants'**

Micro Grants

 Stronelairg Community Fund

Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council

Micro Grant Applications (up to £500)

Terms and conditions of Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council SSE Micro Grant Funding

  • Grants given to any organisation or group must benefit individuals within the area covered by Stratherrick & Foyers Community Council
  • Micro grants will not be awarded:
    • For commercial projects or project which will receive income from sales
    • For political or religious purposes
    • To replace statutory funding
    • For purposes adverse to SSE’s interests
    • To support individuals for their personal gain (other than skills development)
    • For activities that do not comply with current legislation or good practice guidelines
  • Copies for any invoices or receipts from purchases of items paid for from the micro grant should be sent to Stratherrick & Foyers CC.
  • The annual round of micro grant funding begins in June each year. Individuals and organisations who receive a micro grant are free to make subsequent applications during each annual round, although demand from others at that time will be taken into consideration.
  • Applications for a project can only be made to a single community council; if funds required are in excess of £500 an application to the full Stronelairg Community Fund can be made.

The application form can be downloaded here: Stratherrick & Foyers – Micro Grants Application

Completed applications should be forward to



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