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About Stratherrick

Stratherrick (Scottish Gaelic: Srath Fhairgeag / Srath Fharragaig) is a strath situated above the south-eastern shore of Loch Ness, in the Scottish Highlands, Scotland. Much of the strath is covered by Loch Mhòr. This is a generally shallow loch, which acts as a reservoir for the Foyers hydro electricity scheme. The area has a number of small settlements, these include Whitebridge, Gorthleck, Aberchalder and Errogie. Stratherrick Primary School is in Gorthleck. courtesy of

Scottish Charity SC 005122

Parish Bulletin 16th November, Thirty-Third Sunday of the Year A


Please let me know at what time you would like the Christmas Vigil Mass.

There will be a meeting of the interchurch group on Thurs. 20th Nov in the Church of Scotland Hall at 11.30 or earlier if you wish a coffee. All welcome.

If you know any sick parishioner in home or in hospital who would like priest visit please let me know.

Mass intentions during the coming week

Wednesday 10 am For Donors Intention

Sunday 10 am For Benny’s + Father Adi

12.30 For Parishioners

Notices for FORT AUGUSTUS Parish


Tuesday 7 pm

Wednesday 10 am

Friday 10 am

Saturday 10 am

Sunday 10 am

Exposition of the Blessed Sacrament:

Saturday 10.30-11.00 am

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Saturday 10.30-11.00 am or on request

Recent collection: Sunday £107

We extend a warm welcome to our visitors and hope you are enjoying your holiday in the highlands. Please feel free to join us for coffee or tea after Mass.

Weekday Mass will be celebrated in the sacristy except on Wednesdays when Mass will be in the chapel. Please let me know if you expect bigger participation in other weekdays and we will celebrate the Mass in the chapel as well.

Donations of festive food and drink would be welcome for our Christmas Raffle. Tickets are on sale now and draw will take place on 21st Dec. Let’s try to make more than last year’s £100

Catholic diaries for sale available in the hallway. Price £2.

Christmas Cards are available. Packets of 10 cards £1. Boxes – as marked.

We will continue to say the rosary after Wednesday Mass.

Meditation Group meets every Tuesday at 7.30 pm and Friday morning at 7.30 am. Meditation will last 30 minutes. Both Christians and non-Christians are welcome.

Please remember in your prayers our sick parishioners: Margo Smith and Mina David.

Notices for STRATHERRICK Parish


Thursday 1 pm

Sunday 12.30 pm

Sacrament of Reconciliation

Before or after the Mass or on request

Recent collection: Sunday £26

Loch Ness Pastoral Area – comprising catholic parishes of Fort Augustus, Abbey Lodge, Glendoe Road, PH32 4BD and Whitebridge, Stratherrick, IV2 6UL is part of the RC Diocese of Aberdeen Charitable Trust, a registered Scottish Charity SC 005122 Contact Details: Fr Andrew Harden Tel: 01320 366 451 Mobile: 07746854584

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