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Trinloist and Dalcrag road upgrade works

Upgrade works will be taking place on the Dalcrag and Trinloist roads as part of the Scottish Timber Transport Scheme.  The contractor for the work is Leiths Scotland and they intend to start on site on 10th September.  At the moment the programme for the work is to carry out the widening, patching and drainage on the B852 from the junction at the Tea-room to first forestry entrance into the Dalcrag felling area.  This will take approximately 4 weeks and will involve traffic lights, so delays will be inevitable but hopefully not excessive.  The contractor will endeavour to minimise disruption throughout.
There is similar work to be done from the Tea-room junction to the forestry road cross roads on the Trinloist Road  which should take around 2 weeks, and will involve a road closure for this section.  Without the closure the work will take much longer and be very disruptive to through traffic.  Emergency vehicle and local access will be maintained.
Following the patching and widening works, there are some sections of the road which are to be overlaid with tar.  These works are located throughout the scheme and will involve local traffic control and significant delays.  The exact extent of these works will be determined based on remaining budget following the widening improvements, and will take approximately 1 week.
The SFCC appreciates that the works will cause disruption and apologise in advance for that.  Were Arvikaconsult Ltd and Leiths Scotland  to delay the works until the tourist traffic reduced they would run the risk of being delayed by bad weather (surfacing is very weather susceptible) which would extend the inconvenience for all.
If there are any specific events in the area or other issues please let us know, and the contractor will try to accommodate where possible.
A map of the area of works and the roads affected can be found here: Dalcrag-Trinloist road upgrade works map

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