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Notice of Election

Nominations are invited from persons seeking election as members of Community Councils in The Highland Council area.
If you want to support your local community, please consider standing for your Community Council and make sure you are registered in the current Electoral Register for the Community Council area.
Details of the Community Council Membership numbers may be found on the Council’s website:
Nomination forms and copies of the scheme for the establishment of Community Councils can be:
1. downloaded from The Highland Council website at: ;
2. obtained on request, by email to: ;or
3. from the Council’s Service Centre, phone: 01349 886606.
Completed nomination forms must be submitted to the appropriate Ward Manager (listed on the website above) and must be received not later than 12noon on Tuesday 8 October 2019. Ward Managers will accept emailed copies of the Form, so long as it has been correctly completed and contains the signature of the candidate and witness.
Elections will only take place on Wednesday 20 November 2019 where the number of valid Nominations exceeds the membership number of the relevant Community Council.
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