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How to get something done about the potholes!

Potholes on our roads causing you issues?  Annoyed that the Highland Council never seem to get around to doing anything about them?

Well, here’s how to report them effectively to the Highland Council’s Roads Department;

  • Take a picture of the offending pothole wherever possible
  • You can either log your report verbally by calling the Council’s Roads Department on 01349 886606 or fill in the on-line form on the Highland Council Website (Click the following link to take you straight to the Pothole reporting page: Road Faults & Pothole Reporting)
  • If you log your report verbally by phone, make sure you are clear that you want the fault or pothole logged on their CRM system, and make sure you get a reference number once they have logged it.
  • The on-line form does not issue reference numbers.
  • You can upload your photos to the on-line form.
  • Give as much details about the location as possible – grid reference if possible.

The more people that report potholes (and other road faults), the better!

More reports = quicker repair!

If you have any issues reporting potholes or other road faults, please contact Kim, the SFCC Secretary on 01456 486297 or who will be more than happy to log faults on your behalf.

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