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Stratherrick and Foyers Community Council Annual General Meeting At Foyers Primary School 7:00pm 30th June 2015

Sockich Bends update

Sockich Bends road works

In previous information emails I had advised that the next section of road surfacing would commence on 5th May for four days.

RJ McLeod have made good progress and have today asked to bring forward the surfacing to start next week. As you will recall during the next phase of the surfacing we will need six hour road closures (0900-1500) to allow us to do the sub-base and two base courses for the full length of the project. They have asked if the closures could be Wed-Fri 29th April-1st May and Monday 4th May. In general we support the earlier start – because it will allow the traffic management to move largely from 20 minute delays to alternating traffic flows during the whole day. And it will bring forward the end date by a few days.

However we previously advised at the public meeting that we would not close the road on the bank holiday Monday 4th May.

Can I therefore please ask for your comments on two questions:

1. Would closures 0900-1500 Wed-Fri 29th April-1st May and Monday 4th May instead of Tue-Fri 5-8th May cause you any particular problems?

2. Would closure 0900-1500 on 4th May cause you any more problems than closure on 5th May?

If you have any comments please let me know by 5pm tomorrow. We will take into account any public comments prior to agreeing dates with RJ McLeod


Etape Loch Ness

Sunday 26 April

Road Closures

If you know of someone who has an essential journey to make please let us know visit website  and we will work with you/them to find a solution wherever possible. 

Public Meeting – B851 Sockich Bends

B851 Sockich Bends – Road Improvement Scheme

Public Meeting

Thursday 2nd April 7:30pm – 8:30pm

(following the Dunmaglass CLG)

Farr Community Hall

The public are invited to a fifth Public Meeting to provide a further update on the Council’s road improvement scheme at B851 Sockich Bends.

Progress with wall and road construction, works programme and continued traffic management arrangements will be provided.

Local residents and business interests are key to this important work and we seek to minimise adverse effects as far as practical.

Council officers will be in attendance.

Sockich Bends Mtg 2nd April

Garrogie Estate (Forestry Commission Reference: FLA00237)

 The applicant should be aware that the unclassified Whitebridge – Killen public road is the subject of a weight restriction of 26 Tonnes Gross Vehicle Weight, plus a length restriction of 12 metres. These restrictions apply to the entire length of this road and laden timber haulage vehicles must not exceed these limits.

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Ward Policing Plans 2015

2015.03.26 Police City Forum

Police logo

Inverness Multi Member Ward Policing Plans 2015

As part of our Community Consultation process in planning our policing priorities for the coming year, the following subjects were identified as priorities following analysis of the responses received from the recent Public Consultation Survey within each of the respective Wards. Continue reading

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