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Potholes on our roads causing you issues?  Annoyed that the Highland Council never seem to get around to doing anything about them?

Well, here’s how to report them effectively to the Highland Council’s Roads Department;

  • Take a picture of the offending pothole wherever possible
  • You can either log your report verbally by calling the Council’s Roads Department on 01349 886606 or fill in the on-line form on the Highland Council Website (Click the following link to take you straight to the Pothole reporting page: Road Faults & Pothole Reporting)
  • If you log your report verbally by phone, make sure you are clear that you want the fault or pothole logged on their CRM system, and make sure you get a reference number once they have logged it.
  • The on-line form does not issue reference numbers.
  • You can upload your photos to the on-line form.
  • Give as much details about the location as possible – grid reference if possible.

The more people that report potholes (and other road faults), the better!

More reports = quicker repair!

If you have any issues reporting potholes or other road faults, please contact Kim, the SFCC Secretary on 01456 486297 or who will be more than happy to log faults on your behalf.

The Highland Council have sent the following update to the B862 road closure;

“Due to poor weather conditions, the resurfacing works on the B862 have been delayed and are now expected to be completed by Friday 13th May”

This will mean that the B862 will remain closed between Abersky and the B851 from 7am until 7pm from Monday 9th May until Friday 13th May.

Concerns have already been raised to THC about the extension of this road closure now clashing with Dunmaglass turbine deliveries that have commenced this week.

Please keep me or any other member of the SFCC informed of any excessive or un-necessary delays, as these will be fed back the THC and wind farm renewable companies at the next SFCC meeting due to take place on 31st May at 7:30pm at Stratherrick Hall.

After a hugely successful 2016 Etape Loch Ness on Sunday 24th April, Malcolm Sutherland from Etape organisers, Caledonian Concepts will be attending the next SFCC meeting on 31st May at 7:30pm in Stratherrick Hall, Gorthleck to provide a debrief.

Any feedback from the community, negative or positive, would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to provide some feedback, please e-mail SFCC Secretary Kim Burton at or call 01456 486297.

Congratulations to all who took part on the day and a huge thank you to all the amazing helpers!



Please see poster from SSE with further details of the  turbine deliveries to Dunmaglass Windfarm.

Dunmaglass Turbine Delivery Poster from SSE




Turbine deliveries to Dunmaglass Windfarm are due to start on Monday 9th May.

The delivery schedule shows the abnormal load deliveries happending every  Monday, Wednesday and Friday each week throughout most of the summer.

Please be advised that these are controlled by Police Scotland and could change at short notice.

Whilst we are currently awaiting confirmation from Police Scotland regarding the deliveries, it is expected that one delivery will occur in the morning and another in the afternoon.  The convoys are each likely to consist of 3 turbine components.

Further updates will be posted as they become available.

Corriegarth Turbine Deliveries

The movement of the final 3 sets of blades from Inverness Port to the Corriegarth Windfarm site is planned for;

Tuesday 3rd May x 1 set

Thursday 5th May x 1 set

Friday 6th/Saturday 7th May x 1 set

Weather and police dependent!

Community Benefit Negotiator Required

Due to the recent resignation of Frank Ellam as the Stratherrick & Foyers Community Benefit Negotiator, the Community Council are now looking to appoint an new Negotiator.

This would be an exciting opportunity for a local individual, who is passionate about their local area, to negotiate with the renewable companies regarding the financial benefit they offer the community.

Anyone interested in finding out more about this role should contact the SFCC Secretary, Kim Burton on 01456 486297 or

Progress update from The Highland Council;

Errogie Bend works are progressing well with traffic now moved onto the new section of road under traffic management.  This allows for BT diversion works along the length of the old road to be completed.  Over the next couple of weeks works will consist of finishing kerbing, path works, carriageway iron works, base course surfacing of passing places and drainage completion.

All of this work will continue under traffic management for the safety of the public and the site personnel given the space constraints on site and tight road width available.  RJ McLeod Contractors will seek to minimise delays to residents and other road users at all times.

Some key dates to note;

  • RJ McLeod Contractors will be on holiday for 1 week, finishing at approximately 3pm on Friday 25th March, returning to work on Monday 4th April
  • Complete closure of the road for final surfacing is scheduled for Wednesday 20th April and Thursday 21st April.  Typically this will be approximately 08:30 – 16:00 to coincide with school transport, but will be confirmed nearer the time following consultation with the schools and transport companies.
  • It is planned that all works will be completed by Friday 29th April.

Separate timetables and updates will be provided by The Highland Council for the other B851/B862 improvements currently under construction.

The Highland Council and RJ McLeod Contractors have expressed their appreciation of residents and road users patience during these essential work and apologise for any delays of inconvenience caused.

Farigaig Forest Classroom

The Forestry Commission Scotland have expressed an interest in giving up the ownership/ maintenance of the Farigaig Forestry Commission forest classroom site.

They have proposed that the South Loch Ness community might want to take the site over.

They are leaving it up to the community to decide if, or how much, of the site they wish to take on.

Some possible options for what could be obtained are detailed in the attached presentation;


Anyone wishing to get involved in the Steering Group, or wanting further information should contact;

Catriona Fraser on 01456 486287 or

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