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Badminton Group

Badmington clubThere is no formal Badminton “Club” in the area, but each winter a small group meets at 7.00 on Thursday evenings in Stratherrick Hall to knock shuttlecocks bravely from one end to the other.

The hall, as you may know, has quite low beams and the floor markings are not as clearly defined as they once were so adherence to strict rules of the game is not always possible and indeed the result and procedure following a beam deflection may be variable and sometimes highly entertaining. In fact anyone who can play badminton in Stratherrick Hall can quickly become adept at playing shots off the beams to great effect and to the confusion of visitors who may be used to the more spacious ceiling of an Inverness Sports Centre.

However, and conversely, when our bold participants have their annual outing to that venue, any low cunning developed in the arena of Stratherrick Hall can be less effective and the huge spatial awareness of the Sports Centre roof may lead to an agoraphobic loss of confidence or even reckless match winning exuberance!

If you don’t take your badminton too seriously all ages, abilities and sexes are welcome to join us. There is a small charge for the hall hire dependent upon how many turn up and the split between everyone.

For further information contact Fraser Ross on 01456 486707

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